The Day

Everyone can start a local “World Biodynamic Farming Day”.

If there is no Biodynamic Farm or Waldorf School or Community nearby, you can try with your friends in your town or village and apply the preparations to municipal grounds or forests. (please go for now to the Website of the Josephine Porter Institute for Information. Details about Preparations you can find here:

More infos will be added, please make sure you are added to the mailing list here (Click here)

Make it a private or a community event.

Invite friends, the community, local eurythmists – everyone you can think of. Please make sure you have registered on the Worldmap, so on the day we can all see where in which corner of the world the preparations have been applied. The map serves also as a connector, so people can connect, join an event or start a new event together.

You find under the Download Area (click here) files, hopefully in the Language of your country. If there is no, do you have time to translate one document? Just send an email via the contact form (click here) if you can translate a document, this would be very kind.