The World Biodynamic Farming Day 2017

on Whitsun Sunday 2017 (03/04.June 2017)

The Idea.

Inspired by the ‘World Eurythmy Day’ (https://goo.gl/EL7RyC) the question developed, why there is no ‘World Biodynamic Farming Day’ yet. A day where worldwide, the biodynamic farming community and their friends come together and bring out the preparations (preps) on the land. May it on a farm, garden, at the local school, church or even on municipal grounds. At the same (local) time -worldwide.

Everyone is invited!

Every farmer, gardener and friend of biodynamic farming is invited to join and participate in the “World Biodynamic Farming Day” on the 3rd/4th of June 2017 – anywhere in the world.

On the Day.

The „World Biodynamic Farming Day“ will take place on Whitsun Sunday, the same weekend when the agriculture course of Rudolf Steiner started back in 1924 and biodynamic agriculture was born. It is aimed to apply on that day (and evening before) at the same (local) time the biodynamic preparations, all over the world. Participants choose the type of preparations.

It has been suggested to apply on Saturday late afternoon/evening (03.06.2017) the Horn Manure (BD500) (time to be announced). Followed, the next morning, by Horn Silica (BD501). Beginners without contact to a farm/group will find infos on the download page how to apply the preps alone .

Your Participation:

Please register yourself as „interested“ or „participating“ person on the Facebook page (https://goo.gl/W7FXpj) or on the website and have yourself marked on the World map https://goo.gl/2oQrYh . Through this map it is hope we can connect with each other and see where every participant is 🙂 You can also only subscribe to the newsletter/updates here: https://goo.gl/Z8TgbE .

Please share.

Reader of this text are invited to share this paper and info with friends and the community – by email, social media or printed form. If in social media/ Websites/ anthroposophic media/ local groups or societies -anywhere you can think of. Please check the download page for files, posters, ads etc. (https://goo.gl/uf4Yky)

Help needed.

If you have some spare time, please check the ‘help needed’ section, if there is anything you like to do? (http://worldbiodynamicfarmingday.org/help-needed/).

Further Infos:

The Facebookpage: (https://goo.gl/lVqtu2)
The Facebook Event Registration Page: (https://goo.gl/W7FXpj)
The Facebook Group (https://goo.gl/8sTkyM)
The Website: www.worldbiodynamicfarmingday.org
Contact: connectwith@worldbiodynamicfarmingday.org
For any questions, please use the email or facebook page.

DOWNLOAD AS PDF HERE: eng_whitsun_world_biodynamic_farming_day_2017